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Sale conditions

Terms of sale

Terms of Service
Ref. Legislative Decree on May 22, 1999, n. 185

The following contract terms apply only to consumers as defined by the rules on distance contracts, thus excluding the legal persons.
The orders placed by individuals who operate under its occupation or the companies must authenticate such as being placed an order. If fail to do so orders are made by consumers.
The order made by the customer is subject to the express acceptance:

Rignanese Domenico & C. snc
Via Torre dell'Astrologo 37
71043 - Manfredonia (FG)
Phone 0884 582802 - Fax 0884 582802 - [email protected]

The acceptance will be sent by e-mail to the address provided by the customer.

Rignanese Domenico & C. snc
is the owner of e-commerce site http://www.mimmorignanesefiori.it.
The purchase of products from the site http://www.mimmorignanesefiori.it requires knowledge and acceptance by the Customer the general sales conditions described below:

Conclusion of the contract.
The contract between Rignanese Domenico & C. snc and the customer must be understood only concluded at the time of acceptance, even if partial, of the order party Rignanese Domenico & C. snc. The acceptance of the customer is considered tacit unless otherwise communicated to the customer. The Client, at the time of conclusion of your order, says becoming aware of all the information provided to him during the procedure'acquisto and accept the general conditions and payment transcribed below.
It excluded any right of Customer to any damages or compensation, and any or non-contractual liability for any direct or indirect damage to persons and / or property, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.
The customer is committed to print or save electronic copy and to maintain the present general sales conditions, in compliance with the provisions in Articles. 3 and 4 of Decree 185/1999 on distance sales.

Management of
His order will be executed directly by us or sent through the service department interflora or similar organizations, to the nearest florist who will perform the delivery outside the area served by us directly as shown in the locations served list, which is to be used for Select the location of delivery. If you have any questions or information relating to his ordination, our customer service is at its disposal.
The delivery of flowers may be made only during normal opening hours of shops and florists in general associated with the service.

The flowers are a product of the season. For this reason it is not always available the entire range and therefore we can not guarantee that all varieties of flowers are always available at all florists, especially in case of orders in the short term.

It is therefore possible that a bunch executed in reality is slightly different from that shown. We guarantee that every bouquet of flowers is made individually with fresh flowers from a florist qualified and, wherever possible, corresponds in form and color to that shown in the picture.

Please note that if ordered by fresh flowers can be a small difference in color and format of respect the delivered by catalogue, as well as the availability of the type of flowers for obvious problems of the market.
In such cases, however, has always ensured the delivery of a floral composition having at least equal value.
We hope to be able to better meet its expectations.
We remain at your disposal for any other need.

Clicking on the 'complete the order', within a few minutes receive an order confirmation via e-mail containing the number of the order and detailed information about the product, price, delivery date and both address of the sender and recipient.

This message is the only automated response of our server that is sent when the order management passes in the procedure of the Bank empowered to manage the collection by credit card.
Only when the payment is done and the Bank will release the virtual ticket certifying successful operation the order will be accepted.
If the Bank is not issued in the automatic ticket and order to be considered not accepted and you can be considered free of any constraint against us.
In the case of payment through bank transfer, money order or telegraphic, order will be accepted upon receipt of the fax confirming the payment. (Note that in the absence of such documentation, the order will be accepted and performed at the time of receiving the same money order or confirmation of the bank transfer made, usually it takes about 5 days, because time accredited which vary from bank to Bank).
As a rule not executing orders until there and received the funding,
This does not of course apply to customers of the club members who have received the opportunity to buy on credit from us.

If not receive a confirmation of order, please get in touch with customer service.

It is of fundamental importance for our florists that the client is satisfied with their performance. Please be assured that all his orders are carried out with skill and quality and that flowers and compositions will be delivered fresh.
We guarantee the scrupulous management of each order: Our guarantee includes:
• delivery of goods ordered by the florist
• the quality and freshness of the product
• delivery for the day required
If, in spite of the recipient had some grounds for complaint, you can contact us.
With this guarantee we are committed to execute each order with dedication, care and the highest quality. If despite this is not satisfied with the delivery or quality of the product, please send a note within a maximum of five days from delivery via the Internet to e-mail: [email protected] or via fax to 0884 582802 or by certified or registered Ar : Rignanese Domenico & C. snc, Via Torre dell'Astrologo 37, 71043 , Manfredonia (FG).

In any case, the data required to process an order will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties. Privacy Statement

If you have any questions or comments should simply contact customer service. Thank you for your confidence in us.

The prices of flowers are subject to seasonal fluctuations and regional authorities. For floral tributes performed by the corresponding Interflora are therefore binding prices florist who delivers and more accurately prices the day of delivery.

The prices listed in the catalogue must be added the cost of service delivery vary depending on location and highlighted below the price dell'omaggio.
Where the ultimate dell'omaggio were to refuse receipt dell'omaggio for reasons not attributable to the florist performer in quest''ultimo will have the right to be paid for the entire value dell'omaggio and flowers.

Please check that the'indirizzo and phone number listed are correct and complete. We can not assume any responsibility for delays or missed deliveries as a result of incorrect or incomplete. To allow the florist to execute the order on time and without problems, it should provide the following additional information:
• In case of deliveries in hospitals indicate the name and the personnel department and, if possible, the number of the room.
• In case of deliveries in hotels should be given where the number of the room and the name under which the recipient is registered (group, spouses, etc.)..

Date and time of delivery
In principle, the delivery of flowers is made on that day. The oraio is an indication that both we and the fiorsiti associated cercaranno to abide, but this is not binding for the proper completed.

• Sundays and public holidays: Sundays and public holidays normally do not run deliveries. Any requests to that effect must receive written confirmation dall'esecutore.
• February 14 - Valentine's Day: given the enormous volume of requests for the day that records more floral tributes of the year, orders for Valentine's Day can be delivered on an exceptional basis, as early as February 12/13, especially to addresses not Private especially for orders with delivery abroad, in Italy orders received before 14 February and delivery date February 14 will normally be delivered the day indicated in those that we received on 14 February and with the same date of delivery will be delivered where possible, the day you want or latrimenti the first business day thereafter.
• Orders for Mother's Day are generally delivered on Saturday for states Foreign Affairs. It is possible that the orders received in the short term are delivered only on Monday after Mother's Day for Italy orders received at least 1 (a) giorini first will be delivered in gionata indicated in order, for orders received the same day will be delivered the first business day thereafter.
• Orders for Christmas and New Year are delivered to rule the day in incicato to ecezzione of 25 December, which sarnno evaded 1 -2 days before the date required. It can not be accepted as exhaustive delivery in days 24 and December 25.
The delivery at a specified time is guaranteed only if agreed with the customer service at [email protected], or by phone at 0884 582802.

The indication of delivery (morning / afternoon /) must reach the same on and otherwise with at least 48 hours in advance.
In the absence of the recipient, the florist will leave a catolina non-delivery, trying to reach the recipient later by telephone. If the florist is unable to trace the consignee, the inability to communicate delivery and we will inform you.
The schedule of delivery is guaranteed only for the funeral. In these cases, the customer is asked to indicate on the form of ordering the correct time to initiate the delivery or tell the exact time of the function using the field notes.
In general, except in exceptional cases not predictable, are guaranteed deliveries requests with a day in advance.
They are not guaranteed deliveries in places with difficulties and limitations of access (eg military sites, ports and airports…)
For orders or information, please contact us.

Amount and mode of payment
All prices include VAT.
The payment is normally done by direct debit from your credit card, bank transfer, postal bulletin in the manner mentioned above.
Other types of payment must be agreed in advance with the florist to 0884 582802.

The offer is valid if the delivery is scheduled within 15 days from.
If more time the florist reserves to decide on the validity of the order and to notify at least 5 days before the expected date of delivery.
This is because your product may not be found or suffer exceptional cost increases due to seasonality.

The consumer can not''exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 as a question of:
a) provision of services whose performance has begun, with the agreement of the consumer before the expiry of the ten days provided for in paragraph 1;
b) provision of goods made to measure or clearly or custom which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire quickly;

Cancellation / right to revoke the order
However a ordering flowers for home delivery can be cancelled up to two working days before the desired date of delivery, indicating the number of'ordinazione.
An annulment after this period may be accepted only in exceptional circumstances and is not guaranteed repayment of value dell''ordine.
Any request for annulment must be sent to the customer e-mail emailcliente # # # # and at the same time 0884 582802 - during normal business hours.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data:
With this contract Rignanese Domenico & C. snc undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of their personal data entered, and that they are used solely for the purpose of proceeding to execute an order, while fully respecting the existing legislation on Privacy D. Lgs 196/2003.
Under no circumstances personal information relating to our customers are disclosed to third parties.
The'ordinazione of products and services from our site is using a form of order. The information are necessary to us and the contractual partner for the confirmation of ordering the customer and for the delivery of goods.
Personal data are also used if necessary to make contact with the customer final recipient.
I'm not used instead to send e-mail and information about our society.
Personal data relating to the transaction will be stored on our server but only until the sum of correspondent and then deleted in terms of law, unless its registration as a member of Club Mimmo Rignanese Fiori.
The credit card numbers are not run by us but by the server of the company enabled the banking transaction which is the only one to have confidential contact with the company issuing your credit card.
It will all'accredito dell''importo the transaction on our behalf without the provision of such data.

Cancellation of registration
Our site allows users who have subscribed to our mailing list, which members of the Club Mimmo Rignanese Fiori, to delete his name dall''elenco for items of information on our part.

Changes / Updates
To change the personal data to connect to and access the change after you have made the stage of recognition.

Contacts and complaints
If you have any questions relating to the above, the use or operation of this website, please contact us at the following address:

[email protected]

It excluded any right of the client to damages or compensation, and any or non-contractual liability for any direct or indirect damage to persons and / or property caused by goods purchased from Rignanese Domenico & C. snc.
Governing Law.
Any contract of sale is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian Law.

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